Emakheni Group was started by Portio Dlamini in 2013. After graduating with a BTech in Chemical Engineering, Portio worked in the manufacturing industry for approximately ten years.  She worked for companies such as Sappi, Sasol and Unilever, where she worked as a Chemical Process Engineer and Production Unit Manager.


Emakheni Cleaning & Industrial Solutions came about after Portio was exposed to cleaning contractors in the companies in which she was employed.


It was during this period, where she saw the need to transfer the skills learnt from the manufacturing sector by starting a company that will be able to service the industrial and commercial sectors, while being compliant with Safety and Quality standards and being motivated to do their job with high morale.


She has been part of several Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) programmes as part of personal development, including the following:

  • Raizcorp ESD Programme sponsored by Engen

  • Durban Chamber ESD Programme sponsored by Transnet

  • Sekela ESD Programme, sponsored by SA Homeloans

  • Durban Chemical Cluster (DCC) Business Accelarator Program




  • Most Tenacious Entrepreneur – Portio has received several awards from the Raizcorp ESD programme including the Most Tenacious Entrepreneur in 2016

  • Sekela Passion Award in 2019

  • Sekela Patience Award in 2020

  • Firm Commitment Award from the Durban Chemical Cluster in 2020


She has received funding from Business Accelerator Programme wherein three chemicals manufacturers, Ferro Coating Resins, Ferro Dispersions and NCS Resins partnered with the Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC) to develop a to fast-track small business’ success.


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