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  • We maintain hygiene standards using checklists and visual standards

  • We use the 5S principles to sort, set in order, shine, standardise and maintain the work areas.

  • We get involved in continuous improvement and operations – to reduce costs

  • All work is conducted using standard operating procedures (SOPs ), adhering to safety and quality standards.


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Our employees receive on-going training to ensure that they perform their duties with excellence. 

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Customised Schedules

Our cleaning schedules are tailored to meet each’s client’s specific needs and circumstances.

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Advanced Products

We use a range of detergents and disinfectants each selected to the specific task at hand to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Extra Care Hygiene

We maintain Hygiene standards using checklists and visual standards


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Emakheni Cleaning & Industrial Solutions has been rendering Industrial Cleaning and Behavioural Safety Training services to Unilever Maydon Wharf for the past three years.


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Emakheni is a professional service provider that has provided cleaning services for Rawson Properties Glenwood from December 2014 to current and they have also done work on an adhoc basis.

Rawson Properties

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Emakheni Cleaning-and Industrial Solutions has been providing Cataler South Africa with a variety of cleaning, project management, maintenance and ad hoc services since 2017.